Welcome to IJOOAR

Due to the advancement in the science, technology in this era of globalization ,it needs a revolutionary and scientifically sound approach towards every concept. Hence the ancient data’s available in the Ayurvedic classics needs to be reviewed and revalidated according to the present scenario. IJOOAR is a Peer Reviewed Journal. Prime Focus of the Journal to publish articles related to the current trends of research. This Journal provides the platform with the aim of motivating the students and personals in the Ayurveda  as well as multidisciplinary life sciences.
It aims to motivate the research in all fields of ayurveda such as-

  1. Ayurved Samhita & Siddhanta (Ayurvedic Compendia & Basic Principles)
  2. Rachana Sharir (Anatomy)
  3. Kriya sharir (Physiology)
  4. Dravyaguna Vigyan (Materia Medica & Pharmacology)
  5. Rasashastra (Ayurvedic Metals & Minerals/Iatrochemistry)
  6. Bhaishajya Kalpana (Pharmaceuticals Science)
  7. Agadtantra & Vidhi Vaidyaka (Toxicology & Forensic Medicine)
  8. Svasthavritta (Preventive Social Medicine & Yoga)
  9. Roganidana & Vikriti Vigyan (Pathology & Diagnostic Procedure)
  10. Kayachikitsa (General Medicine)
  11. Manovigyan & Manasroga (Psychiatry)
  12. Rasayan & Vajikaran (Rejuvenation & Aphrodisia)
  13. Panchakarma (Five Bio-cleansing Procedures)
  14. Prasuti & Stri Roga (Gynecology & Obstetrics)
  15. Kaumarbhritya-Balaroga (Pediatrics)
  16. Shalyatantra (General Surgery)
  17. Shalakyatantra (Otorhinolaryngology/ENT & Ophthalmology)
  18. Allied sciences ,Life sciences, Pharmacy, Biotechnology etc.

In the scope of the journal IJOOAR Ayurveda Research articles on below the subjects using current scientific knowledge viz. studies on Literary, Basic and Fundamental research, Preventive and Promotive Healthcare, Local Health Traditions etc., which provide the leads to the original research, are also acceptable
 The following types of papers are considered for publication:

  • Original research works in the above-mentioned all and concern fields.
  • Surveys, opinions, abstracts and essays related to Ayurvedic research.
  • Review papers will be published if the author had done considerable work in that area.
  • Case studies related to Ayurveda and other life sciences .